the gingerdead men

There was a time when there were rock bands and there were pop bands. Things were simple. People didn't get too worked up about what micro-genre a rock band belonged to or what type of songs a band could or could not play. The Gingerdead Men (tGDM) are a rock band; they like to keep things simple and do whatever they want. Their riffs, hooks, and massive amplification are all intended to entertain you or get sweaty trying.

The band first came together behind a drum machine in a Northeastern Ohio garage in 1998, founded by brothers Jason and Keith Luchka along with Kyle Childers. They finally cut their teeth with a live drummer in 2002, when Shaun Yanovich jumped on board to help record the Re-Entry EP. This quartet returned for 2005's Sacred Order of the Owl EP and then fizzled out. When tGDM emerged from their extended hiatus in late 2007, they decided to become a fully functional live band and finally justify the number of amps and guitars they had acquired in the preceding 9 years. Shaun made the move to full-time frontman, while Jason Craig was recruited to take over on drums. This line-up endured through the summer of 2012, when Shaun bid adieu to focus on his own projects. In that four years, the Gingerdead Men recorded their first studio LP (The Forest and the Trees), got a little bit of press, and were lucky enough to share stages with bands like Karma to Burn, Lo-Pan, Jucifer, Rue, and a bevy of other amazing locals. They rocked stages big and small (mostly small), in towns near and far (mostly near), and sweated a lot. Most importantly, they had fun.

The fall of 2012 saw the Gingerdead Men record their third studio EP, Paper Leviathan, with Jon Reider of New Castle PA's finest, Coinmonster, handling all lead vocals. It was kind of like that time Mike Patton did a solid for the Dillinger Escape Plan on Irony is a Dead Scene a weird but completely awesome rock and roll adventure. The EP has had global reach with downloads throughout Europe and the far east. It can be downloaded as a Pay-What-You-Want album from

In June 2013, tGDM played their first show with Nate Rader at the helm. Immediately after that fiery, 30 minutes without a net-set, he became the band's new frontman, paving the way for Mark IV of the Gingerdead Men. Since then, the band has been hustling in their jam spot, pursuing new sounds and new material. Besides late nights in dive bars, who knows what the future may hold...

In December 2014, tGDM changed their name to supercorrupter. You can follow their newest adventures on Facebook and Bandcamp.

Rock on.

the Gingerdead Men:
   - Jason Craig — drums.
   - Jason Luchka — bass. vocals. moog.
   - Keith Luchka — guitar. vocals.
   - Kyle Childers — guitar. vocals.
   - Nate Rader — vocals.